Pricing of DentalCharting

The functions, features and benefits introduced elsewhere on this site come at an extremely affordable price: for as little as the price of half a filling !

Are you a dental student? Your subscription is free of charge for as long as you are in dental college !

One size fits all Pick your subscription


(30 day)



Monthly subscription per dentist


... after the 30 day trial period
you can upgrade to a classic subscription.

AED 300 little as the price of half a filling!


...for as long as you are a dental student


Patient records



max. 50


  • Anytime
  • Anywhere
  • Any device



Intelligent search

Preloaded over 2600 Procedures, Materials, CCs, S&Ss, Diagnoses, Rx, Prices and Fees

Patient record sharing between doctors and staff

Patient record

  • Profile
  • Work done
  • Treatment plan


  • Classic
  • Advanced
  • Periodontal



  • Billing, Payment
  • Analysis


  • X-Rays, Photographs
  • Documents

Online tutorial








Onsite training


On request



(30 day)





Check out some typical uses of DentalCharting below ⇩

One size fits all One size fits all

DentalCharting allows you to sign up as a single dentist practice or as a group clinic. Simply click on and the sign up process guides you through easy steps in which you select the number of dentists in your practice. The payment step calculates your total fee from the base fee of AED 300 / month / dentist  X the number of dentists  X  the number of months you take the subscription out for (90 days, 180 days, or 360 days).

All functions, features and benefits are available to any subscribing clinic, large or small. These are two typical clinic profiles in our customer base which any dentist will recognize:

Profitable Single dentist practice

You are a general practitioner and operate one or two chairs and run your practice with an assistant and or secretary.

You have a limited number of patients.

You took out a 1-dentist DentalCharting subscription. On your desktop or laptop, perhaps your tablet, you and your staff find DC very easy to use when swiftly accessing individual patient records when called for.

From home, in the evening, you check your logged financial performance for the day on your tablet or smart phone.

Over time, of course the DC team supports you by email or on the phone with any questions.

Professional Group clinic

You are part of a group practice, consisting of a number of general practitioners and perhaps even a few (part time) specialists. Say 8 doctors in total, as well as a number of dental and office staff.

The clinic has a large clientele.

The clinic took out an 8-dentist DentalCharting subscription (in fact, any number of dentists may be selected on sign up, or be changed in an existing subscription).

All dentists and staff find DC very convenient in use on desktops, laptops or tablets. Individual patient records are immediately retrieved when searched, even shared between doctors and staff.

From home, in the evening, the clinic's owner checks the clinic's logged financial performance for the day on a tablet or smart phone.

Over time, of course the DC team supports you by email or on the phone with any questions.

On request, a DentalCharting support person visits the clinic to help train dentists and staff and organize the use of DentalCharting, if the more complex clinic organization requires such.